Avoiding Signal Jamming Devices While Driving

What exactly is a signal jammer? Simply put, a signal jammer is an electronic device that is used to interrupt your telephone conversation by transmitting unsolicited noise into the microphone that is attached to the telephone. These "jams" (signal delays) are caused by electronic components that have been incorrectly installed or placed in the wrong location. While these products do not interfere with telephone reception like a telephone line jitterbug, they do interfere with the quality of sound that is transmitted over the air.

Many electronic companies manufacture signal jammers, but some unscrupulous companies sell fake versions that have no genuine characteristic. There are several different manufacturers of this type of product, but the most popular brands. Signal jammers can be purchased both online and locally at electronics retailers in your area. You may also find signal jammers at auction sites.

An amateur radio frequency operator (RFO) will often disguise their device as a common item that you would readily purchase. For instance, an RFO may disguise their signal jammer as a car alarm. Car alarms often utilize the same kind of radio frequency technology that a good RFO might use to disguise their signal jamming device.

Another example of a device that could look innocent is a smoke detector. A smoke detector is typically used in environments where the presence of a vehicle is necessary. However, if you have installed a jammer in the public safety communications of a school or office building, anyone within the range of the device will likely believe that a fire has been started in the building. Even if no fires have actually begun, the false alarms will cause the employees of the facility to be unable to return to their normal routines and may draw the attention of students who are in the school or office building. Check out this article to learn more. 

One example of a "trick" to set up a false-alarm for unsuspecting victims is to place the jammer in plain sight in a place where it is not immediately apparent. For instance, you may want to place the hammer in your automobile, or in a part of your house that is out of sight of the house's owner. On the other hand, a smoke detector placed in an area that will easily be visible to the public should be placed in an inconspicuous area of your vehicle. In addition to placing your summer in an area where it is not immediately apparent, you should also avoid placing your summer near a window, which is usually the most vulnerable spot in an occupied vehicle. If you were to place your summer in a window, it could be easily seen by passersby. This might result in a false-alarm being activated in an area where there are children inside the vehicle.

You should also be careful to avoid pointing your jammer directly at any approaching vehicle. The antenna used to transmit the authorized radio communications should never be pointed into a vehicle. Additionally, if you are interested in using a portable jammer, you should keep in mind that it may be illegal to use a portable jammer while driving in certain states. To be safe, it is best to keep your jammer on the dash and be sure you are not violating any state laws when you are driving. Get in touch with this company to get started. 

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